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a lot of volunteers from the richmond district center. i grew up in the california area, ended up at uc-davis. i made my way out to san francisco in 1984 when i was a college student. i remember growing up on clement street. i have always lived around in richmond area, just being around a unique area of the richmond, discovering san francisco in the 1980's. >> i am hoping we can not support small businesses like this because they are the unique character that makes neighborhoods like this so rich and lively to live in. >> i have also been active as a community organizer. i worked at the chinese progressive association. i also worked at the mental health center in the richmond district. i have always been passionate about civil rights, equality for everyone. i have a 10-year-old daughter, so having a girl has made me much more sensitive to gender equality issues. i guess i have always been vocal about my politics, but as a supervisor, i have to listen to other perspectives and making decisions. >> very soon there will be of much more seniors in that area. we are trying to focus on whethe
hassan reports from richmond. >> reporter: richmond police are looking for possible suspects from last night's double homicide, double shooting. one man and one woman in their 30s are dead, a female is in the hospital this morning with life-threatening injuries. the shooting happened just after 10 p.m. sunday night. there is some indication that the shooting may be linked to another shooting from earlier sunday. as of right now, richmond police say they don't have any suspects in custody. and they have not been able to establish any cause or motive in the case. as for the richmond residents, it has been a rough three weekends. the 4th of july weekend three were shot, three others killed in richmond. last weekend, three men died of gunshot wounds after a gun battle in the iron triangle battle also in north richmond. last night's double shooting brings the total to eight people dead in just the past three weeks. now, we have calls out to richmond police. we are expecting to hear something within the next hour. we'll bring you those details as soon as they become available. grace? >> ans
>>> good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> richmond police suspect the shootings death may be related to a turf war. >> and there is recent worry about increase in violence. there is 19 homicides already this year compared to last year. >> but those overall crime numbers in richmond are down. as you said in 2010, homicide count was at 12, today, it stands at 19 but the lieutenant says they remain vigilant in serving the community and making it safe. >> it's scary. >> gloria has lived here all her life. the sound of gunfire is nothing new. >> i just panic, i stop in the middle of the street because lit up with ten police cars. three ambulances and everything. >> it was busy night for richmond pd because of two separate shootings. police are actively investigating a double homicide that took place around 10:15 in the 400 block of bissel avenue where three people were shot. a man and woman were pronounced dead at the scene. a female in her 20s was also shot. she is listened in critical condition. >> we have some kind of dispute between gangs in the rich
a double homicide in richmond. police are looking to see if this is connected to yet another shooting which happened just 30 minutes before. anser hassan just spoke with investigators on the scene and what did they have to say? >> yeah, grace. richmond police say the gang task force is trying to track down leads in last night's double shooting that left two people dead in the 400 block of bissell avenue. police arrived on scene of an apartment complex in north richard at 10:15 p.m. they found two people dead on the sidewalk. they are only described as male and female in their 30s. a third victim in the hospital will survive. richmond police believe the fatal shooting may be related to a shooting 30 minutes earlier where a 23-year-old man was shot on gertrude avenue. he was not seriously injured. right now police don't have any suspects in custody. lisa french with the richmond police department believes the spike in homicides may be gang- related, one group from north richmond the other from central richmond. >> i'm optimistic we'll get to the root of the problem and hopefully get some of
francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> investigators in the richmond area are busy after an extreme violent night. at least six people were shot at four different scenes. all four people are dead. the latest shooting happened just before 11:30 last night on first and mcdonald in richmond. they found two people shot inside a car. a 27-year-old man died and the other person is at the hospital. minutes earlier richmond police responded to center street and south 31st. that is where they found a 19- year-old man dead inside of a car. after an apparent shooting. about a half hour earlier at 10:40 deputies respond to unincorporated north richmond yeah. that is where they found two people shot. richmond police responded to ohio and south presidentth. they found one person injured after some kind of gun battle there. it's not clear if these four shootings are related. >>> a developing story to report off the coast of mexico baja, california. mexican authorities say 11 people are missing after a tourist boat capsized. it got caught in electrical storm. 44 people including 27 ameri
to look at citywide -- at least in the richmond district, you have six or seven sites, but not in that outer richmond. my hope is by looking a pilot projects like this you can help figure out how to expand and raise the awareness in other areas of the city and not just central areas you currently are located late. i appreciate supervisor cohen's comments. my understanding is with the pilot program, four of them are in district 3 areas where there is clear demand and the others are chosen in areas where there is clear demand for city car share, but that is my understanding. pfft supervisor cohen: when we are talking about clear demand -- in order for anything to be clear, it has to be bought about, there has to be analysis and data collection. when you look at the map, the car sure companies don't even exist. there is a pronounced need for those of you came to the hearing, there is a level of dysfunction with services on the southernmost eastern part of our neighborhoods. >> we very much appreciate the point you're making and would be supportive of the mta and administr
killed in the richmond area. >> an officer crashes his car transporting a suspect to jail what the suspect was doing in the backseat that caused the officer to lose control. >> new concerns over a popular anti smoking drug why it could put smokers at greater risk for health problems ,,,,,, hours apart. christin ayers is live in richmond with what police are ng about the spate >>> a violent night in richmond, four shootings just hours apart. kristin is live in richmond about what police are saying. kristin. >> elizabeth tonight richmond police are working with the sheriff's department to try and determine whether the three murders are in fact connected it is a surprising spike in a city where the murder rate has been in free fall. >> three deadly hours in richmond sunday night. >> the killing got to stop somewhere. >> the shooting, four of them in just three hours began sun down, 8:30 a man was shot at corner of ohio and 30th street he survived two hours later this woman's cousin, 28-year- old ray hudson junior was gunned down west ruby avenue. >> i know one thing about my cousi
this morning, richmond city council approves a plan to supply municipal i.d. cards to residents. they say it will encourage more illegal immigrants to move into the community. >> live look at the embarcadero. not much of a wind. it's moved farther inland and i'll show you how much temperatures will drop today. >> bay bridge toll plaza, no delays heading into san francisco. >> and bart police have identified the man killed by officers. we heard some of the police radio transmissions. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. >>> searches searchers are looking for a people after a boat capsized. we're learning more about the tragedy. amy hollyfield is live with the very latest. >>> there is hope and then there is reality and the families are dealing with a mixture of both. the coastguard has already searched 1400 miles, mexican officials say the mexican coastguard and navy are expected to dive down the boat to see if they are trapped on board but they families are hoping they made it to sure shore or still floating. relatives spoke with abc7 about lee and his love for this fishing trip. >>
'm nick smith live in richmond where police are looking into two shootings and investigating their possible connection. i'll have a live report. >> check out some of the fog is trying to make it into the bay area. it's getting a late start. most of it will be clear this morning and lack of a strong sea breeze and warming trend is finally here. >> i'm sue hall and carmegeddon didn't happen. we'll follow your monday morning commute. >>> thank you so much for starting your week with us. i'm kristen sze. >> san francisco police are bracing for a protest in the bay area district after an officer shot and killed a man over the weekend. did that machine have a gun? amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: police say he was armed and now there is new video that appears to prove it. they say there appears to be a handgun near the scene. watch. someone in a striped hoodie comes out grabs it and then runs away. this is why police did not recover a gun on the scene on saturday but they have recovered a gun that is the suspect gun that shot at officers. people have questioned
growing up at that time around clement street. we call the richmond district the new chinatown in the 1980's at that time. just being around the tremendous unique neighborhood, and discovering san francisco in the 1980's as i grew up, but i also have been very active as a community organizer. i worked in chinatown, and some first jobs also at the mental health center in the richmond area multi services in the 1980's, and i was also a staff are at the chinatown youth center -- i was also a staffer. a lot of my work has been supporting community empowerment, especially in an immigrant and people of color communities. most recently, i have been teaching at san francisco state. i ran the immigrant rights coalition in the city in the 1990's for several years. i'm also an immigration attorney, and a lot of my passion is supporting in power met for immigrant communities in the city as well. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? supervisor mar: a lot of people bring this up, but is one of the most exciting, culturally diverse places in the world. learning about new cultures and people fr
people shot in four separate incidents in a three hour span in richmond. the reason why they are searching for more victims. >>> more than 45 rental cars torched in central san francisco. why that blaze they have been sparked by fire works. >>> a small plane make answer emergency landing on the freeway. a very close car one driver had with that out of control plane. the morning news continues. >>> good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day. it's monday the fourth of july i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. let's start off with a quick look at your weather and traffic. good morning, to you steve. >> thank you. skies are clear. a little bit of a west wind trying to establish itself. i don't think it will matter if you are away from the coast. 70s and 80s closer to it. i think some hint of a sea breeze will kick in this afternoon. here is sal. >>> this fire in san francisco has just gone to a second alarm at mission and bosworth. mission street is now shut down. you can see some of the smoke in the outer mission street. mission and
into the south bay. mid to upper 70s in most of the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s, richmond, vallejo, 52 in san francisco and breezy and cloudy at half moon bay. a little more sunshine around monterey, 62 to watsonville at 67. inland, gilroy at 80. so even cooler tomorrow, probably the coolest on wednesday. notice the warmest weather as we head through the weekend. >>> good morning. so far so good, no major stalls or accidents. we do have overnight road work, we'll take you first to richmond. richmond parkway is closed 5:00 this morning. northbound 101 slowing, construction northbound at nimitz at highway 92. jackson street on-ramp is closed until 5:30 this morning. high winds reported on the bridge. very light this morning. you might find a little bit of fog but no metering lights as of yet. >> but a wind advisory. >>> concord eyes a crackdown on students that play hooky from school. a heavy fine that could have repeat offenders digging into their lunch money. >> and midwest town comes into support of two u.c. berkeley graduates detained in iran. and gas prices taking another dip at the
are averaging $3.80 a gallon. that is down from $4 a gallon at the beginning of june. >>> richmond police are investigating a series of shootings in richmond and north richmond that caused three deaths and three injuries overnight. ktvu kraig debro has been covering the story all morning. >> reporter: good afternoon tori. we have gone to a couple of scenes getting more information this afternoon. they told us their version of events when we returned to the scene. the first of several shootings in richmond last night happened at ohio and 39th at center street rather near ohio. the entire block here littered with shattered glass, yellow chalk circles or parked cars and bullet holes. witnesses tell us a man driving a ford suv was shot at as he drove westbound. some bullets hit other parked cars. a resident told us the shooter was on foot and shot his victim facing him and when he drove by shot him from behind. witnesses say at the end of the block the victim jumped out of his suv and ran. there is no suspect. a few minutes earlier one or more people fired. police are calling ate drive-by sho
. >>> meanwhile three people confirmed dead following several shootings in the richmond area overnight. they all happened within just a few hours and a couple miles of each other last night. we're live at richmond police headquarters where they're trying to piece it together. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, frank. that's right. police investigators have a busy day ahead of them. four separate shootings, three people killed last night. the first happened around 8:30 at 39th and ohio. the person involved in that shooting was critically hurt but we're told is expected to survive. as you mentioned all of these shootings happened within just three hours of each other. the second shooting happened around 11:00 a few blocks away in fact. a 19-year-old man killed shot to death in his car while visiting people in the area 3200 block of center avenue. and just 15 minutes later at first and mcdonald avenue a 27- year-old was killed. a second person is the victim and is expected to survive. the fourth shooting happened in north richmond in contra costa county. sheriff deputies just confi
. >> the other developing story comes out of richmond. that is where as many as seven people were shot in four separate shootings overnight. this is a live view of richmond. we will push to the location of the very first shooting that happened about 3900 block of ohio. but that is where one person was shot at about 8:15 p.m. not killed, but wounded. the other one to place at about 10:15 p.m. on west ruby, one person was killed earlier we thought there were two people shot but we got an update only one person was shot and killed there. the third shooting have elected one hour later just at 11:00 p.m. at central ave. you can see on the map where that is located. one person was shot at that location while sitting in their car. another person may have also been injured. the fourth shooting at what we fly over to that location with west mcdonald, one person was killed there. police believe that another person was injured, so they are investigating that as well. lastly, we will fly to the richmond police department will we have will tran standing by live on the investigation and we are learning the
personas indocumentadas tengan derecho a una identificacion oficial en richmond. pilar niÑo nos cuenta cual es y la probabilidad que hay de que se logre. stop open take pkg roll open take pkg 20:54 sabia usted que la ciudad de richmond quiere darles identificacion a todos los que viven aqui? no no sabia 20:58 21:34 no la verdad no lo sabia 21:41 aunque algunos no lo sepan, richmond esta muy cerca de darle a todos sus residentes, incluidos los indocumentad os una identificacion oficial expedida por la ciudad.... 23:47 podriamos hacer muchas cosas con eso 23:49 esta noche el concejo de richmond se reunira para votar por primera vez si aprueba la ley que lo autoriza...esta es co- patrocinada por la alcaldesa de la ciudad quien confia en tener los votos necesarios. gayle mclaughlin/alcald esa de richmond 3:00 i think creo que definitvamente los tenemos, la resolucion que presentamos hace un mes que nos preparo para esto fue aprobada por unanimidad. segun el proyecto, la identificacion, que ya es expedida en ciudades como san francisco, tendria un costo inicial de 15 dolares para adultos, diez p
of richmond. in response, a richmond police a form a joint task force to get the situation under control. >> i have something really cool to show you, this is the self-contained portable video game system that will let you take your place station the next box out of your living room and play them anywhere on the go. i am gabe slate and that is coming up and my tech report. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today. >> the overnight shutdown of a stretch of highway 101 this will be over the next four nights. we're joined live to explain what the drivers can expect. >> right now you are looking at a live picture of highway 101. the closest a lane is the northbound lane. i notice hard to see behind the sun, but caltrain is in the process of replacing the old overpass and reconfiguring the lands around t
. >> as series of sureties in richmond left for dead this is video from 33rd and second street. police are investigating all shootings will have a live report later on in the morning. one suspect is dead in an officer involved shooting it shut down of this civic center bart station. police said he was carrying a knife. the police shot the man and he was pronounced dead at the same. pacifica station center was closed last night and we are not sure if this station will open this morning when we find out we will pass this information along to you. we wanna know of the rather is going to be good for their day off >> we're starting off with are for the july forecast conditions are gonna be pretty nice most locations will be dealing with clear skies tonight for the fireworks show. we will see a bit of patchy fog are around 930 tonight. mountain view's 67 and santa rosa 69 downtown san francisco will be 58 degrees a my one and bring a sweater. as we head into the rest of the day today temperatures will be staying on the one signed in the '50s and '60s. this is current temperatures around bay
closures in the south bay. >> and richmond man and first camping trip ever survived a grizzly bear attack. >> we'll tell you about a lot more about the news this morning. i'm eric thomas. >> the weather midwest. we'll talk about that later. >> in the news this morning, two southern california men accused of the brutality beating of bryan stow will face charges in court for the first time this morning. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general hospital where stow is slowly recovering. and you can show us these two gentlemen? >> we have the pictures. the breakthrough in the case. the family is watching the developments, sitting at the hospital and his progress. the breakthrough he had last week. they have not commented publicly about the arrests. we do have exclusive pictures of the two men. this is 29-year-old luis sanchez and marvin norwood. there is a picture of them at the game before their arrest. giovanni ramirez arrested him and they insisted ramirez was the guy but now they are admitting these got it wrong. >> reporter: bryan stow was outside of dodgers stadium o after march 3
a double homicide in richmond. what we are learning about the victims and the search for suspects. >>> justice in jeopardy. hundreds of bay area court employees could get pink slips today. longer lines for you. >>> good morning, it's monday, july 18. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. we are starting off very early this morning, 4:30, no drizzle. how is the week shaping up, kristy is here to tell us. good morning. >> good morning. sunshine and warmer weather this week. temperatures today look like this. 65 the high in san francisco. 69 in oakland, san jose warming up to 79 and concord breaking that 80-degree mark mostly sunny skies. i'll tell you how warm we'll get later in the week in a bit but over to gianna with a look at traffic. >> good morning. an accident southbound 880 right at dixon landing. a vehicle off the side of the road into a ditch. noninjury chp on scene so it will take a few minutes to retrieve the vehicle. 880/237 which isn't too far from there off to a good start. >>> gunfire killed two people in richmond and critically injured a third. anser hassann rep
better. of richmond... police are investig >>> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. dence on triangle co >>> we begin with breaking news out of richmond. police are investigating a triple homicide at a residence on triangle court. all three people were found murdered inside a single room, inside an apartment, all were shot to death, all three are men. one of the victims is apparently a resident. the location is the public housing project in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood. police received a call to the location just before 4:30. again, three men, found murdered inside an apartment, in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood. we have a crew on the scene and we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >>> tonight, we are hearing from another survivor of the fishing trip tragedy last weekend off baja california. charles gibson is now sharing his harrowing experience with local media. we have more on the story. >> after i saw the ship pointed this direction, just like the titanic, it went slowly down into the water. >> charles gibson is the latest returning bay ar
it is the richmond district, but a kind of shows what was on the west side town. a great deal of it was sam, and for that reason, people thought that the weather and the san -- it was really not a place that people wanted to live, and it was going to be very typical for san francisco -- very difficult for san francisco to expand west. >> if you look at the early maps, it was 3 miles wide by about 6 miles long, this huge sand dunes that just moved around. >> here is an 1875 map of the laguna. says along the side of the map, high sand hills between the pacific ocean and the like. by the way, this had actually opened directly into the ocean. >> lake merced had a high water level. since we paid over much of the city, the water levels have dropped, but at one time, the late actually trade out into the ocean approximately where the dog diner is that now. somewhere in the 1870's, they saw the damage at the water in the late so it did not exit out uncontrolled, and for 10 years, people were drinking lake merced water as drinking water. it is much bigger, too. if you go to san francisco state, the p
sze. >>> our top story, one night, four shots, two dead. it's a numbers game richmond police are trying to change. first they have to find possible links. nick smith is live at the richmond police department with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. left turn french tells me they are definitely looking into the possibility of these shootings being connected. they believe that it could be as simple as a turf war between two different communities. take a look at this video. police are actively investigating a double homicide that took place in 400 block of bissel avenue where three people were shot. a man and woman were both shot and the two were found lying on the sidewalk. both of whom were pronounced dead at the scene. a female in her 20s was also shot and listed in critical condition. athlete were standing outside an apartment building at the time of the shooting. with these three shootings there are currently no suspects and have been no arrests but the left turn tells me that they believe there is a connection between the shooting between a man and in his 20s that was s
.that weapon was fired at officer autos police believe a deadly shooting in richmond is the result of a violent turf war between a couple groups. a man and woman shot and killed outside of an apartment be in north richmond last night there. is a third victim, a 20-year-old also shot and is in critical condition. and just 30 minutes earlier, a young man is expected to survive. police say the two may be linked. >> and there is a we're looking into the possibility they're connected. one is in north richmond and our central area of richmond, and another shooting did happen on a central district. >> and police have no suspects in either shooting. >> san francisco state senator is trying to stop pay raises for administrators at public universities when students are realing from more tuition increases. >> and governor schwartzeneggar vetoed a limit on executive pay. he says the state proposal now may come before governor brown, deciding he, too, wanted to stop executive pay at san diego state. it's freshman orientation at sacramento state. like other csu campuses, students here are worried about wheth
.m.. richmond has been a very bloody violent month. >> family and friends mourn the death of 19 year-old you take a child with this second child what happens >> family, friends, the death of 19 year-old at this northridge home. in light we suffer for a long time. right now people feel destroyed. he was what we want to people should know that this young father was a good man and not involved with gang activity. >> right now we just feel his loss. he would do anything for you. >> he and his other brother came to this restaurant saturday night to have dinner. and shoot pool. they said it was while they were playing pool that the older brother ran into a man they knew and they got into an argument about something that happened a few years ago. they said that alejandro did not know the man and was not involved in >> --did not know the man. as soon as they went outside it happened pretty fast and they started shooting. >> those two men pulled out two different guns and fired 15 shots killing alenjandro and injuring his older brother his brother is in critical condition after being shot twice in t
for me and the richmond district and the many residents and small business leaders that are here today. many of them had to go because it's been several hours from when we thought we might be presenting. but it's really important to the diversity and the diverse fabric of our district and the richmond on geary and clement. it will help preserve our unique character as a neighborhood and support our small and locally owned businesses and establish a new standard for how to support neighborhood serving commercial districts so i hope i can have your support and if you have any questions, i'm really happy to answer them. i did want to make one other point that the planning staff made a good point that the conditional use process could be used for formula retail stores already and i'll just say that i have nothing but respect for the planning commissioners and how you analyze so many of the different issues that come before you but i think i've met with so many of my neighborhood residents and small business leaders that it's about the future of our district. we don't know who will come aft
survivors. live in the newsroom i'm tara moriarty. >>> last night the richmond city council gave its approval if a city-wide id card program. christian katherine joins us now. >> reporter: it's a plan that sparked a lot of public comment here at richmond city hall. as you said that plan approved last night. the new plan would allow anyone that has lived in richmond for two weeks that is 15 days to qualify for an id card. supporters say it will allow immigrants to set up bank accounts. they say it would help them cooperate with police. it would encourage undocumented immigrants to settle in richmond and could give police license to demand to see identification from natural born citizens. the city will be working with a third party vendor to distribute the picture ids. the city also shot down a very similar plan to this one back in 2008. the idea obviously still has a lot of critics here in richmond. >>> san francisco police searching for a woman who threw bleach in the face of another woman and hit her with a body. the attack happen in the pi tear owe hill neighborhood at 10:00 monday
hours ago. >>> a richmond man is recovering after being attacked by a bear in alaska. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro just spoke to the victim's grandmother, kraig. >> reporter: yes, we did. i know they've probably been up most of the night trying to make sure their loved one is okay. the home is just a few minutes from here. i spoke to the grandmother of victor martin. he was victimized in this weekend's bear attack. she said he was taking part of this outing with his high school. the trip was put together by the leadership school, noel they call it and they are based in wyoming. when four of the students made it to the other side of the river they were attacked by the bear. one of the parents of one of the kids in this trip lives in denver, colorado, he tells us what his child told him about what happened. >> i guess they just came across this bear, sort of startled it, he was in the back. and the boy that was in the front may have gotten the worse of it. they just kind of startled and the bear started going after a bunch of the kids in the group. it got him and knocked him dow
in richmond ends with three people dead. what police are trying to find out about the men found dead in the house. >> it was dark. it was a smell of diesel, the burning fuel on your body. >> new details of a disaster at sea. a bay area survivor that fishing boat accident off the coast of mexico describes what happened. >>> and still suffering from a massive earthquake and tsunami in march. major earthquake strikes japan. good evening. richmond police have a person in custody of interest in the shooting death of three men. their bodies were found late this afternoon in a home on triangle court in the city's iron triangle neighborhood. richmond where police aren't saying much about what happened. > that's right. this iron triangle neighborhood is still an active crime scene. three men shot to death in this house here behind me. police released the names of two of the victims. 36-year-old michael anderson who lived in this house and 19- year-old donte of oakland. police say they called off the search for any other suspect, but that's a little comfort to richmond residents who are faci
the attention. my name is eric mar and represent the richmond district on the san francisco board of supervisors and i think the only person in the room who might be a better expert is ron miguel about the richmond district. this ordinance they hope you will support today has come from many meetings with small business leaders, especially pet supply store leaders, but also many other small business folks in the richmond district and throughout thenm+ city. we're trying to create a vibrant neighborhood, revitalize the neighborhood in the richmond district, enhance the diverse fabric of the richmond district which is what i think brings a lot of people into the district from newcomers and old-timers and we want to maintain the unique character of our neighborhood. we don't want it to be a suburban strip mall of a neighborhood but a diverse, beautiful neighborhood that brings people from all over the world and also the legislation is not targeting any one company, it's really about supporting a more livable community and we're working together with many groups to do that. i wanted to first thank my
is in richmond with a problem that has lingered for months. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. the sewage plant behind me is no longer in operation. but neighbors say an awful smell has returned. and we can report this morning there's not a smell in the air right now. but residents say when they do smell the odor, the foul rotten egg smell can cause vomiting, headaches, eye issues and difficulty breathing. we're live in front of the water run sewage plant this morning in richmond. the gated facility has a few cars in the parking lot. officials shut down operations back in october after according to a mercury news article a tear in a digester cover allowed the release of hydrogen soul feed. it's produced during the break down of organic material. richmond city council members ordered the plant to begin trucking waste to the east bay municipal utility district while they investigated the cause. it appears the movement of the sewage sludge may be what's causing the recent odor issues. as of right now the city's installing weather centers to determine just where the gas is coming
in violence in richmond took a turn today. a young man was gunned down today and this brings 20, the number of homicides in richmond this year. kron 4's dan kerman gives us a look. >> reporter: residents describe this as a safe haven for children in a troubled area. but the outside wasn't safe for darrel russell. he was gunned down in broad day light. >> there were actually kids outside. it was concerning the level of violence increased. >> this is the eight homicide this month in richmond and it may be connected to a feud between gangs in north richmond and central richmond. >> the boldness of the shooting tells us we are not playing with people that are caring about anybody in the community. they are out here and they will get whoever they can. >> reporter: if those who live in the city, it's getting to be too much. >> frightening. i am trying to make my mind up to leave. >> reporter: other are so fearfulled with only speak if we didn't show their face. >> victim of a crime. wrong place, wrong time, you know, sad. these are quids over here. we can't even go to the park without being afrai
. >> don knapp is in richmond with the climbing crime stats, don? >> the spike in violence this month alone has prompted a renewed effort to get the violence under control by targeting gang members, the people police believe responsible for the crimes and going after this. >> a shooting and killing spike has frustrated richmond police in their battle to reduce homocide. just days after announcing a crackdown another shooting saturday night left a 20-year- old dead and a 29-year-old hospitalised with serious injuries. increasing violence in richmond has now claimed 9 lives just this month alone. >> up until the month of june we had 6 homocide for the year which was, i mean, incredible for a city like this that we have seen multiple homocide over the year so, you know, it's really been disturbing in the last two months the number of homocide we have had. >> reporter: the latest shooting raises the rads to 21 for the whole year. summer camp children were playing, took the life of a 20- year-old man, in what police say is a tinning rivalry between north and central richmond gangs. >> i've list
teenagers including a young man from richmond were attacked by a grizzly bear while hiking in the alaska an wilderness. it happened in a town 120 miles north of anchorage. the 18-year-old richmond student was participating in a survival course by the national outdoor leadership school. and tonight we spoke to his family. the richmond native had never been camping a day in his life before joining a month-long survival course in the alaska an wilderness. his family was shocked when he called and explained he was attacked by a giant grizzly bear. >> he said the size of my grandma's lexus. >> they said the bear mauled two students and then turned and began chasing him. >> he said that when he saw the bear he ran, and then he looked back and then he fell and saw the bear and the bear got on him, and then he started kicking the bear. he kicked it in the nose. >> the bear ran off, but not before biting him several times in the ankles and feet. two of the several students were badly mauled and victor was forced to use his survival skills as they waited eight hours for help. it was the 24th day o
. >>> and a pro basketball team coming to richmond. we'll have more on to tryouts that took place this morning. >>> and it doesn't get much cuter than this. graduation day at the san francisco zoo, what is next for the little penguins. >>> and fall weather once again for today, i'll show you where the fog will be tomorrow. and thunderstorm chances in the sierra, and even where there could be a slight chance tomorrow . >>> one sacramento area neighborhood is just about bee- free tonight after having years of bug attacks. the area has become home to at least six hives of bees. well, the homeowner hired a worker to remove them yesterday, when the bees really began to swarm. one family heading out on vacation, take a look, they have to take extreme measures to keep from getting stunned. bundle up, and work with the bucket to ward them off, long enough so they could get inside their car. >>> and fulfilling a personal dream while working on community pride. we go inside the fierce competition for a spot on the bay area's newest professional sports team. >> reporter: 15 guys with the same goal. >> th
building. >>> a richmond man is out of the hospital this morning after being mauled by a bear. the 18-year-old was participating in a sur -- survival skills course. he was one of seven people hiking when the bear attacked. two other teenagers suffered. >> after the bear attack occurred, they were able to set a camp up. they were able to give each other first aid as best as they could. and they activated a personal locater beacon so somebody could come help them. >> this is day 24 of the 30-day course. there were no instructors with the group when the attack happened. >>> this morning, san francisco pastors are helping passengers with bus fare. pastors will be on the flat forms paying the $2 fare for anyone who doesn't have the money. this is in response to last saturday's fatal gun battle between a 19-year-old and police officers. police say it began w when he ran from cops after not paying for his ticket. the money will be coming out of the pastor's own pocket. >>> well, it has been another violent weekend on the streets of richmond. homicide investigators are looking for suspects in th
. >>> this morning police in richmond are investigating a double homicide. a man and a woman are dead and the third victim is critically wounded. ktvu paul chambers is live with more on the two overnight shootings in richmond. >> reporter: a half hour ago lieutenant french wrapped up a press conference giving us additional information. we have two separate shootings with four people shot. two are dead. police say the first shooting happened around 10:15 last night. once on scene officers found three people had been shot. two were pronounced dead at the scene. officers have not released their identities but said they were a man and woman in their 30s. police took a third victim which was a female to the hospital. they aring inning this homicide -- they are investigating this homicide to a shooting that happened three miles away. >> we know a male was standing outside when he was shot 23- year-old male by a suspect that we believe was on foot. we don't have any other information on that shooting. >> reporter: now that person was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not considered life threate
, richmond city council approved the municipal i.d. program. the police favor the program. >> big story weather-wise, it's going to be hot in a few areas. we're looking forward in the forecast to some cooler weather, could be below average over the weekend. >> and things are looking good over the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems on the upper deck but caltrans are working on the lower deck until about 6:00 this morning. >> in just a few hours, facebook takes the wrap off the latest features. mark zuckerberg promises it will be awesome. >>> a little drama. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. in a race against time off the waters off of baja, california they look for seven men missing since sunday morning. coastguard is assisting in the search but so far turned up nothing. amy hollyfield is live from coastguard island in alameda. family members are hoping for a miracle here. >> they are. coastguard has covered 14 high school miles and one of family members says she was told that the search would be called off o at 2:00 a.m. on friday. the family is still h
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